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Market Arcade memories event June 2017

Newport City Council has secured funding to restore the city centre Victorian Grade II listed Market Arcade.

The HLF Townscape Heritage Funding will enable architectural details to be restored, reconnecting owners, traders and visitors to the role of the Market Arcade in the growth of Newport.

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The project also aims to establish Market Arcade as an attractive commercial proposition in the city. 

Project update

Work on site started 17 February 2020 and is expected to take 60 weeks, subject to change from unforseen circumstances.

The appointed contractor is Anthony A Davies Ltd, with a proven track record of delivering similar listed building schemes. 

Works to the underground services will be carried out first, followed by:

  • refurbishment of the glass roof
  • installation of the access stairs
  • replacement of the windows and glass tiling
  • refurbishment of the shop fronts
  • laying of paviours   

Conservation area management plan

A consultation on the draft High Street Conservation Area Management Plan (pdf) ran from 8 November to 8 December 2017.

The Plan continues the work undertaken at the characterisation study stage below and looks at the historic development character, significance, risks and opportunities of the Market Arcade and the wider High Street area.

The main aims of the Plan are to:

  • summarise the key points of the characterisation study
  • recognise the designated and nondesignated heritage assets
  • identify risks which threaten the significance and special interest of the area
  • Identify opportunities to enhance the area
  • Set out an action plan to ensure the positive management, preservation and enhancement of the area  

The study is part of work being carried out as part of the preparation for the final bid. 

High Street characterisation study

We asked for comments (closed 6 October 2017) about a study of the character of the High Street area of the city centre which was prepared as part of the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) Townscape project.  

View the Draft High Street Character Area Characterisation Study (pdf)

The Study looks at how history has shaped today’s streets and architecture and tells the story of how Newport and the High Street area developed from medieval times to the present day.  

The study is part of work being carried out as part of the preparation for the final bid. 

Historic significance 

Originally known as Fennell's Arcade, the arcade was built in 1869, linking the newly built railway station (1850), Post Office (1844) and Provisions Market (1862).

The arcade was well-used for over a century, affectionately remembered as an ‘arcade of flowers’, until shopping habits changed and Newport's retail centre shifted, particularly with the development of the Kingsway Centre in 1968.

A Memories of Market Arcade event took place 29 June - 1 July 2017 where people were invited to share their memories and photographs, memorabilia or documents relating to Market Arcade.

If you have stories or photographs you are willing to share please get in touch, your memories will add to the rich history of Market Arcade and may give a glimpse of architectural detail that has long since been lost.


Please email with a heading of 'Market Arcade'.


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