Newport has three international twinning links, Heidenheim in Germany, Kutaisi in Georgia and Guangxi Province in China


The link with Heidenheim was established in 1980 and has flourished with frequent contact between the two areas.

Civic exchanges continue for major events, including HM Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Newport in 2002, the National Eisteddfod in 2004 and the Ryder Cup in 2010.

Exchanges take place between the Newport Philharmonic Choir and the Heidenheim Oratorienchor and in 2013 they celebrated 23 years of friendship.

A new link between Caerleon Comprehensive School and the Schiller Gymnasium School in Heidenheim was established in 2011 which is proving to be beneficial to the students from both areas.

Guangxi Province

Newport has been twinned with Guangxi Province in China since 1996 to promote friendly co-operation between Britain and China and to support and encourage exchanges to strengthen mutual understanding and friendship.

It was agreed to encourage exchanges in industry, agriculture, tourism, trade, science, technology, culture and education to stimulate development and prosperity in both areas.

Newport last visited China in 1999, and the Chinese last visited Newport in 2004 for the National Eisteddfod held in the grounds of Tredegar House.

For further information on links with Heidenheim and Guangxi contact Newport City Council.


The twinning arrangement between Newport and Kutaisi, Georgia dates from 1989. Kutaisi is the second city in Georgia, set in a beautiful location between the Caucasian mountains and the Black Sea.

The Newport - Kutaisi Twinning Association was founded to promote international friendships and to strengthen links between the two communities.

They meet formally every two months, usually at the Newport Civic Centre, with other informal events throughout the year.

The association is a mix of people interested in Georgian culture, various professionals groups and organisations and delegates from Newport City Council who support the organisation.

For further information visit the Newport Kutaisi Association website