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Current consultations  

Sustainable Travel

13 May - 30 June 2019

The way we travel leaves a trail of noise and air pollution as well as carbon emissions, share your views on our Sustainable Travel Strategy...

Local toilets strategy

11 June - 9 July 2019

Complete this survey to share your views on a local toilets strategy for Newport...

Eveswell and Somerton primary schools federation

3 June - 14 July 2019

The governing bodies of Eveswell Primary School and Somerton Primary School, with Newport City Council, propose the establishment of The Eveswell and Somerton Primary School Partnership... 

Recent consultations 

Expansion of Ysgol Bryn Derw

Closed 11 June 2019

Newport City Council consulted on the proposal to expand Ysgol Bryn Derw and increase the capacity of the school from 48 to 68 with effect from January 2020.

Potential Cycle Hire Scheme

Closed 31 May 2019

We asked for views on the introduction of a cycle hire scheme across the city.

Draft Schools Accessibility Strategy

Closed 8 April 2019

The council's draft accessibility strategy for schools sets out how the council aims to improve the accessibility of schools to pupils with disabilities. 

School Admissions Policy 2020/2021

Closed 1 March 2019

We consulted on school admission arrangements effective from September 2020. No policy changes are proposed, view the proposed School Admissions Policy 2020/2021 (pdf)

Gating of Market Arcade at night

Closed 27 February 2019 

We consulted on a proposal to install gates to close Newport’s Market Arcade between 8pm and 7am to deal with the problems of anti-social behaviour.   

SENCOM Service Changes

Closed 14 February 2019

We asked for views on about services provided for hearing, visual and sensory communication needs. 

Newport City Council Budget 2019/2020

Closed 30 January 2019 

The council’s Cabinet has considered a draft budget for 2019/20 and how services could be delivered within the limited resources available..

Conservation area appraisals

Closed 21 December 2018

We consulted on conservation area appraisals for Caerleon (pdf), The Shrubbery (pdf) and Stow Park (pdf)

HMO Additional Licensing scheme review

Closed 16 December 2018

We consulted on a review of the HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) Additional Licensing scheme to see if it should be extended for five years from June 2019.

Newport City Council services

Closed 9 December 2019

We asked people to tell us about the council services that matter most to them to help us plan for the next three years. 

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