Pledge to help children outlined in new Charter

Posted on Thursday 18th April 2019

Plans for Newport City Council to draw up a new Children’s Charter – to be known as the Young Person’s Promise – have been agreed by cabinet members.

The Young Person’s Promise is an ongoing set of commitments to guide the council’s work with children and young people in the future as outlined in the council’s Corporate Plan ‘Improving People’s Lives’

This states the intention to have in place a Children’s Charter which will set out commitments to children and young people and their families, including specific commitments to children in care and care leavers.

A charter is a set of promises that help in decision making and policy development but do not replace laws. 

They set out the rights of children and young people when they use the council’s services but also in what they can expect the council to be doing for them. 

The Charter for Newport has been developed by young people for young people and includes the commitments which matter most to the young people of Newport.

Pupils across the city have worked on the development of the Promise through a series of workshops with Newport Youth Council and giving feedback through their own school councils.

The commitments in the Promise are as follows:

* All young people are listened to and are included in decisions that affect them

* All young people have access to education and learning opportunities

* All young people have the same opportunities to reach their potential regardless of race, gender, religion, (dis)ability, LGBTQ+ status, language preference (Welsh)

* Newport Council will work with other services to help keep young people safe

* All young people’s mental, physical health and wellbeing are considered in decisions that affect them  

* All young people have access to safe spaces to play and socialise

The Promise is intended to be universal and relevant to all children and young people in Newport. The age-range of the Promise is nought to 18 years of age.

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