Illegally parked? Prepare to get a warning notice

Posted on Friday 21st June 2019

Motorists who park illegally in the run up to Newport City Council taking over Civil Parking Enforcement next month may return to their vehicles to find they have been issued with a 'ticket'.

Those who do won't have to pay a fine, but they will receive a warning notice to highlight their parking contravention.

The warnings are being issued in the week leading up to the council taking over CPE on 1 July.

A team of civil enforcement officers are currently in training for the big day and the issuing of warning notices are to remind motorists that there is an increased possibility of receiving a ticket once the council takes over parking enforcement if they park in breach of the rules.

The council officially takes over CPE from Gwent Police on 1 July however the responsibility of enforcing other traffic related legislation, particularly for more serious offences or where it is necessary in the interests of public safety, remains with Gwent Police.

The council is also carrying out a comprehensive campaign to remind motorists to park safely and in the correct manner with the #ParkRight message on its social media channels.

Legislation requires that money from Penalty Charge Notices is used to cover the cost of operating the enforcement service, with any surplus invested in traffic improvement projects.

Civil enforcement officers will not have targets to issue a set number of PCNs.

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