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Posted on Wednesday 19th June 2019
Reflection room - Members 2

Two rooms at Newport Civic Centre have been refurbished to help promote well-being for both staff and members of the public.

Privacy and the space and time to breastfeed in peace and quiet is on offer to mums visiting the civic centre after Newport City Council refurbished a room for such a purpose.

This room is further supporting the roll out of Newport’s Breastfeeding Welcome Premises scheme.

The civic centre is one of a few premises in the city offering such a facility however it is hoped other businesses will follow suit.

The scheme was initially developed as part of the council’s former Single Integrated Plan (SIP) and fits in with the Newport Wellbeing Plan.

The refurbished room has comfortable chairs, privacy screens, low lighting plus a kettle and fridge.

Staff returning from maternity leave who want to express milk for their baby can also use the room in their normal working day.

The Civic Centre is already a Breastfeeding Welcome Premises and the logo is displayed at main reception and in the conservatory.

Members of the public are free to breastfeed in any of the publically accessed spaces, however if they wish to feed in a more private space, the Breastfeeding Welcome room is accessible to the public without the need of entering through secure doors.

The second project is the opening of a Reflection Room which can be used for meditation, prayer and quiet contemplation by staff.

The 2017/18 equalities annual report noted that the council has a diverse workforce and needed to offer more support to both religious and ethnic diversity in its staff.

This project is an important initiative and gives a clear message that the authority is an open and welcoming workplace and that we take the Equality Act’s general duty seriously.

Both rooms at the civic were formally opened by Councillor Debbie Wilcox, Leader of the council who said: “I’m delighted Newport City Council can help our staff and members of the public with these newly refurbished rooms.

“We acknowledge new mums need a quiet time and private space in which to breastfeed and our well equipped room offers this in restful surroundings.

“It is also essential that in our modern day lives we get the chance to take time out of our busy schedules.

“Our Reflection Room provides space to do that whether to pray, take a breather or to practice mindfulness, this room will be on offer for these purposes.”

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