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Posted on Friday 8th March 2019
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Information explaining how to recycle will be sent out to residents

From April Newport City Council will be limiting the amount of rubbish collected from households in a bid to encourage people to recycle items that would otherwise end up being sent to landfill.

Each year the council spends £2.2M disposing of waste. Currently over half the contents of rubbish bins contain items of easily recyclable materials, food or garden waste.

The front page of the March edition of Newport Matters has a handy reference guide to highlight where these items should be placed.

New smaller 120Litre wheeled bins will be rolled out over a three month period, replacing the existing bins. Further information explaining how to recycle will be sent out to residents ahead of delivery.

The council acknowledges there are many residents in Newport who are keen recyclers however it is those residents who don’t recycle that the council hopes to reach.

A spokesperson said: “Recycling rates in Newport have improved dramatically over the last 15 years and now sit at 60 per cent.

“We know Newport is already one of the best performing cities in the UK for recycling, however in order to meet Welsh Government targets of 70 per cent - and to avoid heavy financial penalties - we need to do more.”

Easily recyclable items (paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, cans and tins, glass bottles and jars), food waste and green waste will no longer be allowed in household rubbish bins.

Whilst the majority of residents already make regular use of the recycling service, the council now requires everyone to segregate their recycling.

The new smaller wheeled bins will act as a clear visual guide to the limit of waste going forward, however we encourage residents to go further and to maximise their recycling and reuse efforts; to help residents achieve this, extra recycling containers can be requested if needed and will be delivered straight away.

A new education and enforcement team will be working with residents who are not recycling or overfilling their rubbish bins.

Restriction on rubbish volumes has already been introduced by the majority of councils in Wales resulting in big improvements in recycling rates.

“We plan to deliver letters and leaflets detailing the roll out of the new bins and we will have more detailed information available to all residents ahead of the changes,” said the spokesperson.

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