Leader's plea to protect our city

Posted on Friday 11th September 2020

Councillor Jane Mudd, Leader of Newport City Council is appealing to residents and visitors to adhere to social distancing rules as the city sees a rise in Covid-19 cases:

“We are all very aware of the rise in cases across the country and particularly the impact on our neighbouring authority, Caerphilly.

“Today I am reaching out to every resident of Newport and every visitor to our city to act now to reduce the spread of the virus.

“Covid-19 has not gone away – cases are on the rise in Newport. I urge you to remind yourselves of the rules and guidance and make sure you follow them without fail.

“We all need to limit our contact with people; follow the laws on who we can meet; wash our hands regularly; keep our distance from others; and wear a face mask where it is required or where we can’t maintain that important two-metre distance.

“Covid is closer than we think and reports are coming in of positive cases linked to all sorts of settings and gatherings. We have all appreciated and enjoyed a little more freedom since full-lockdown was lifted and we want it to continue. But we can only achieve that if we take these necessary precautions.

“As a council we are working closely with businesses and organisations to ensure social distancing is supported and maintained. But when we do go out – be it to a shop, restaurant, on a bus or to school, we must also take responsibility for our actions – to protect ourselves, our friends and family and everyone we come in contact with.

“Please also make sure you provide your details for contact tracing when required – the system is there to protect us and to help stop the virus spreading further when we do have positive cases.

“We may also feel safe with our close friends and family, but remember you may be contagious without showing any symptoms. We need to maintain the limits of our extended household and distance from others.

“We need to pull together as a city by staying apart – please help us keep Newport safe.”

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