Changes to waste collections

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New, smaller rubbish bins have been introduced across Newport between April and June 2019.

The new bins limit each household to 120L of collected rubbish per fortnight, as opposed to the 180L bins most residents had previously.

We have to increase recycling rates to avoid heavy fines

Residents received a letter telling them when their new bin will be delivered and old bins were collected to be reused and recycled. 

Residents with a new bin now have to follow the new waste and recycling scheme.

The Welsh Government has set targets for Newport City Council to recycle 64% of household waste by 2020 and 70% by 2025.

Download the Household Waste and Recycling Collection guidance (pdf)

Frequently asked questions (pdf)

Why did these changes take place?

As of 2019 our recycling rate was 58% and although we are one of the best performing cities for recycling in the UK, we need to recycle more in order to avoid heavy fines from Welsh Government. 

Rubbish collection

Your rubbish bin continues to be collected every fortnight as usual.

Check your bin collection day

Any rubbish should fit in the bin with the lid closed.

If waste is left on top of the bin, or by the side, it will not be collected but will be placed inside your bin where possible.

Excess rubbish can be put out on your next collection day or taken to the Household Waste Recycling Centre

The small number of households that do not have a waste wheelie bin will be allowed two sacks of rubbish each fortnight.  

Larger households

Households of six to seven people may apply for a 180L waste bin.

Households of more than eight people may apply for a 240L bin. 

Request a larger bin

Requests for larger bins will only be considered if residents can show they are already recycling as much as possible. 

Nappy and hygiene collection

Families living with children under three years of age and residents using incontinence pads or with similar waste can request an additional collection for hygiene waste.

Read about nappy and hygiene waste collection in Newport


It is essential that we all recycle as much as possible

Our recycling partners Wastesavers make weekly collections of plastics, glass, cardboard, paper, food waste and other recyclable items - you can request additional boxes and bags if you need them.

Read more about weekly recycling collections in Newport

Request additional and replacement recycling containers 

Larger items can be collected for a small fee or taken to the Household Waste Recycling Centre

Garden waste is collected fortnightly between March and December.

A leaflet explaining how to recycle will be delivered to each household as part of these changes.

What happens if I don't recycle?

Under Section 46 of the Environmental Protection Act (1990), councils have the power to issue fines where people do not use available recycling schemes.

Following delivery of the new rubbish bins:

  • Residents who present an overflowing rubbish bin or extra bags of waste will receive a reminder about how to recycle
  • If this happens a second time, a warning will be issued and any excess waste will be left uncollected and the responsibility of the resident. A council officer may visit to give advice on how to sort and recycle waste
  • An overflowing rubbish bin on a third occasion will result in the issue of a statutory notice under Section 46 above. The excess waste will not be collected and will remain the responsibility of the resident
  • Breaches of the statutory notice during a 12 month period will carry a Fixed Penalty Notice of £100

Help and advice

If you would like more advice on what materials can be recycled, and how to recycle more effectively, please email for the attention of the recycling engagement and enforcement team.

TRA99367 15/03/2019